Kumara Paravatha – A Communion of Nature Lovers and Mystical Clouds

by Durai on June 22, 2014

Standing 1710 mts high the Kumara Paravatha peak is one the tallest peaks in Karnataka attracting trekking enthusiasts from different parts of the country. The hike to this peak is unique in many ways – the initial trek into the Shola forests from the Kuke temple, green grasslands carpeting the entire mountains, huge trees, dense vegetation, the sky-piercing peaks and supreme of all inimitability is the mystical clouds which comes to visit the peak – these are not only a nature enthusiasts delight but touches the very purpose of living creatures existence.

 Kumara Paravatha - dark clouds

Our trek was meant to welcome the arrival of southwest monsoon to the southern peninsula that marks the beginning of series of treks to the Western Ghats. We reached the Kuke Subramaniya temple early Saturday morning and quietly disappeared into the thick and wet woods completely drenched with rainfall. Slippery terrain and little leeches greeted us inside the forest but nothing could beat the brilliant experience of walking inside the thick and wet woods.


Kumara Paravatha and the adjoining Shesha Paravatha peaks attract huge number of trekkers throughout the year and it’s hard to be left out alone without encountering a trekker during the weekends. But only few crazy souls will make an attempt to climb this beautiful peak during the monsoon season and we happened to be at the right time when the clouds were getting darker. I was just cherishing the weather and the wonderful climate that I was longing for all through the summer after being struck with the heat waves in Chennai.

 Kumara Paravatha group hiking pic

Into the scenic grasslands:

One of the major attractions of monsoon trek to Kumara Paravatha is the grassland carpeting the entire mountains. The gentle drizzles; dewdrops, chill breeze, chirping of the birds and pounding heart are unique feelings which cant be described in words and I strongly believe that these feelings binds a trekker with nature. The cleanest source of water, the purest form of air, the freshest form of forest, and the coldest of breeze all unfolded in front of my eyes to take me to new high. A high above the clouds; a flow with the breeze.

 Kumara Paravatha - men on grasslands

Caught inside the leech territory:

Straying from the regular trail leading to the peak we purposefully ventured inside the Shola forests only to be bitten by the leeches that came along with our footsteps. With no place to take solace walking turned into running and soon we were nowhere inside the forests. With dark clouds and mist engulfing us – the trail ended on a stream and from where we had to hike through thick vegetation to reach the peak. This further firmed my belief that the pleasure in trail less trek is more exciting and interesting rather than walking on the beaten trails.

 Kumara Paravatha peak sholas

Mystical Clouds, Freezing wind and trembling body:

Kumara Paravatha peak is a wind blown paradise, covered by mystical clouds making the peak very divine. The mere presence on the peak brings in calmness to mind and happiness to heart. Every steep gradient we hiked, every drop we sweated, every drop of blood we donated to the leeches, and every time our heart pounded fast – it was well rewarded by nature at the peak. The hike to peak itself was a heart-warming experience – while we were almost blown away by the chill breeze, we were still holding on to the rocks and trekking inside dark clouds just for the mere sight of the peak – like a true devotee who pilgrimages on the mountains to feel the divine we trekked to the peak to camp in the paradise.

 Kumara Paravatha trek - Muthu

Camping on the base of the peak on a pouring night:

It was for this rainy night we travelled 600+ kms, it was for this pouring night we braved the leeches, it was for this showery night that we trekked on a treacherous terrain and it was for these drizzles my mind and body was taking all the sun and heat in Chennai. We decided to camp inside the Shola’s and pitched our tarps and before we could settle the dark clouds opened up and started pouring relentlessly. Not even couple of minutes after we had caught some sleep inside our self-made tents, the whole night we got drenched – like the trees, like the rocks, like the grass and like every small living creature on that mountain. It was my good fortune being soaked in the monsoon rains along with other creatures on this divine peak.

 Kumara Paravatha trek - Khalesi

May be it is for these lifetime and memorable experiences which are close to my soul – my heart keeps moving towards the mountains.

Happy Trekking,

Durai Murugan

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bala June 28, 2014 at 10:07 am

the lawyer is playing music with his words and adventures. you are already a calm person and i can imagine why it’s so !


Salahuddin October 24, 2016 at 1:13 pm

Nice to see all your trips, Awesome. Please le me know to explore new places .


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